• Adjustable to various bike types
  • Both AC and DC power options
  • Removable safety chip function
  • Easily transportable
  • Rider designed

Why have riders been manually lifting their bikes with an ordinary paddock stand?  Probably because they didn’t have a choice before but, now they do.  Too often (most of the time) riders don’t have a mechanic or crew chief waiting for them at home to assist with the lifting problem.  The Monolift is their solution, an automated stand designed to do the heavy lifting for them.  While we are on the subject, forget about the difficult clamps and straps of other products on the market.  The Monolift is simple and adjustable, if riders can back their bikes, they can Monolift their bikes.

Linear Actuator
Monolift Control Box
Monolift Lifting Arms


I don’t have much room for my bike, but I’ve read that this thing is on wheels, and that it’s easy to store.
That would be perfect for me.

Matt, USA, Michigan

Cool, that foot pedal feature rocks! Now I can keep both hands on my bike!

Cory, USA, California

Who is manufacturing these? I get the video but, where are you selling them?

Nicolai, Sweden, Stockholm

The pedal would allow me to keep both hands on the bike, which saves my back!
That is unique!

Ian, England, Newcastle

Isn’t this like something from MotoGP? The guys i the club are gonna flip when they see this !! Does it come in black??

Susan, Denmark, Roskilde

Bout time someone did this. Big toys for big boys :-)

Jack R., USA, California


Inquiries concerning patented product licensing or purchase can be directed to the product developer. The product developer for the Monolift automated stand is David Barnes. Mister Barnes will reply swiftly to your inquiry.

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